Collective deployment

inspirational-leadership-icons-collective-deploymentOur ambition for the clients we work with is that everyone experiences, learns and demonstrates inspirational leadership—transforming their daily interactions and creating differentiated personal assets and professional results.

When working with clients on collective deployment of a more inspirational approach, we:

  • Provide a methodology to articulate the attributes that drive inspiration in a statistically significant manner for a specific employee population
  • Create a common language around the skills and themes that improve collective leadership capability
  • Build awareness of each person’s authentic strengths through 360° surveys, self-assessments and structured reflection
  • Support the creation of individualized personal development plans
  • Promote everyday use through pragmatic tactics and tools to expand centeredness and inspiration
  • Build out an ecosystem of inspiration through embedding in antecedents to prompt behaviors and consequences to reinforce it (e.g., performance systems, communications plans, structured rewards)
  • Use the foundation of inspiration to expand the leadership dialogue with additional content and tools

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