Individual application

inspirational-leadership-icons-individual-applicationWhen it comes to application, the strengths-based nature of our leadership model encourages you to focus on what you’re good at, rather than trying to be exceptional at all of the elements of inspiration. Research proves that leaders need only demonstrate a handful of strengths to have a high likelihood of inspiring the people they work with.

What is a strength?

We use a robust definition of strengths, based on research and validated by our own analytics. The best assessment of your strengths is in your comparison with your peers.

  • Distinguishing strengths are elements which you are in the top decile vs. your peers.
  • Potential distinguishing strengths are elements in which you are in the 70th to 90th percentile; these are still notable strengths and can become even stronger with time and investment.
  • Neutral elements occupy the large middle section between the 10th and 70th percentile. Note that this is a departure from the typical definition of neutral as average; there is a wide band of elements considered neutral in this strengths-based approach.
  • Weaknesses are elements for which you are in the bottom decile; if crucial to your professional and personal responsibilities, they are worth investigating as they may negatively impact your ability to inspire.

How many strengths do I need to inspire others?

Building even one distinguishing strength gives you a likelihood of inspiring at least half of the people you work with. Recognizing that you don’t need to master all elements to be inspirational, we encourage you to choose four distinguishing strengths as your unique and reinforced leadership brand.

How do I determine my strengths?

With the help of 360° surveys, self-assessments and structured reflection, we help you create your own leadership brand. This is both art and science, including analytical input from others and deep personal reflection. The four elements of your leadership brand may be skills you’ve already mastered, have the potential to master or are very passionate about.

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