Key insights

Leadership-model-pyramidDiving deeper into leadership, we built a model based on four foundational principles:

  • Inspirational leadership is built on results. Inspiration builds upon—and is complementary to—performance. You need to deliver on the requirements of your job before you can think about inspiring others.
  • Inspirational leadership is learnable. Inspirational skills are practiced, lived and felt, not just learned in a classroom like performance skills. Developing an inspirational ability requires the motivation to increase self-awareness, embrace new ways of interacting, reflect upon the impact and revise your approach.
  • Inspirational leadership is individual. There’s no one right way of inspiring or motivating someone. Everyone is inspired by a different combination of skills, and every individual has a different set of abilities.
  • Inspirational leadership is strengths-based. As an inspirational leader, you possess a handful of traits that put you significantly ahead of your peers. You can multiply your inspirational leadership ability by excelling at a few distinguishing strengths and neutralizing your weaknesses, rather than trying to be exceptional at everything.

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