Personal capacity

Reaching high levels of achievement requires investment of time and energy.  The better you can generate, sustain and manage your energy, the more you will be able to accomplish—and the more likely you are to maintain balance along the way. Broadly speaking, there are three categories of items that can collectively affect your personal capacity:

  • Physiology: taking actions to ensure that your body is running in as optimal a state as possible. These include proper nutrition and hydration, rest and recovery, movement, etc.
  • Psychology: maintaining a clear understanding of yourself and the effect your inner life has on your emotional well-being. These include sense of purpose, beliefs, mindset, biases, etc.
  • Productivity: developing habits that can reduce cognitive load and maximize the desired impact of your actions. These include time management tools, energy stewardship, communication efficacy, etc.

Developing an ability to self-monitor the state of your personal capacity and choosing a set of actions which you are committed to following in a sustained way will create a powerful engine for driving your leadership development across both inspirational and performance skill sets.

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